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#livelovefight - a hashtag that captures the heart of the National Vision Statement, is quintessentially ‘Army’. We live, truly live a life that’s full and overflowing, through the spirit of our gracious God. Hallelujah! We love because God first loved us, and His spirit moves inside us, giving us grace, compassion, eyes that see pain and injustice and hearts that break over it. And, finally, we fight. “Not with guns,” as General Eva Burrows once said, “because our arms are not arms of war and aggression, but arms of love that reach around the whole world.”

What does #livelovefight mean to you? Please share with us what your #livelovefight experience looks like by posting a photo to on a public Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page using the hashtag #livelovefight or tell us your story by emailing:

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