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God puts a new song in Meijuan's heart

God puts a new song in Meijuan's heart

God puts a new song in Meijuan's heart

Meijuan Yang’s faith rekindled when she joined Bankstown Corps LETS choir.

Meijuan Yang joined The Salvation Army’s LETS (Learn English Through Singing) Choir in Sydney in 2017. The Christian songs rekindled a faith that had grown stagnant. She is now a soldier at Bankstown Corps in south-west Sydney.


By Meijuan Yang

I attended church when I was younger and prayed to God. I have had occasions when God miraculously answered. I did not fully realise it then, but many times there was a power and a voice helping me.

Then for 10 years, I was away from church, and I struggled so much. It was at the invitation of my daughter’s friend that I reconnected with church. I had moved to Panania in 2017, so I began to attend church regularly at the Bankstown Salvation Army Corps nearby. I listened to the messages from the Bible and I felt my problems being resolved. 

I heard about the LETS Choir and I wanted to join because I could help others, and have a relationship with others who are not Christian. My favourite song was ‘Amazing Grace’ because that’s what I experienced. And because I was with a large Christian organisation I felt like I could help others, and could make a difference. 

Significant changes have taken place in my life since joining the LETS Choir and Bankstown Corps. I was angry and proud before. But I’ve become more patient, gentle, slow to anger. I learnt to control myself even when others wronged me. I don’t follow what the world and my desires want me to do. I think my character has been changed. I feel I have more strength when facing difficulties. I have learnt to trust and rely on God through prayers for everything, rather than my own strength.

I think becoming a soldier of The Salvation Army makes me really feel at home; like I’ve become a family member, bearing the responsibility of the family. I have become more responsive to the church and take ownership of church ministries.

I have prayer partners who have helped me tremendously. Whenever I face challenges, these people are the ones whom I can share my struggles in a safe environment. Friends in Christ pray for me, encourage me and help me in spiritual and practical ways. I am very grateful for them.

At LETS Choir, I really enjoy the fellowship with others. They are very different from social gatherings. I enjoyed singing praise songs, sharing life stories, and teachings from the Bible.

As told to Bankstown Corps Officer Captain Frank Wang.


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