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New appointments finalise make-up of Salvation Army's first National Cabinet in Australia

New appointments finalise make-up of Salvation Army's first National Cabinet in Australia

New appointments finalise make-up of Salvation Army's first National Cabinet in Australia

16 June 2017

 Key appointments were announced today as part of the creation of a single, national territory.

By Australia One Communications

National Commander Commissioner Floyd Tidd has announced the latest appointments, approved by The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters, relating to the Australia One Program and the creation of a new national territory.

The appointment of additional National Cabinet Secretaries follows on from last month’s announcements detailing the structural foundation for a new Australia Territory, which will feature six divisions and a new leadership structure.

Today’s announcement brings to completion the National Cabinet, enabling the next steps in the creation of a single, national territory. The following new national appointments will become effective from 1 August 2017:

  • National Assistant Chief Secretary – Lieut-Colonel Winsome Merrett
  • National Secretary for Mission (Program) – Major Lyn Edge (with promotion to lieut-colonel)
  • National Secretary for Personnel – Lieut-Colonel Kelvin Merrett
  • National Gender Equity Advocate – Colonel Julie Campbell (additional appointment)
  • National Secretary for Communications – Major Neil Venables (with promotion to lieut-colonel)

The National Cabinet will comprise the National Commander, National President for Women’s Ministries and current National Cabinet Secretaries positions.  During the transition period for Australia One, the territorial leaders (Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary of Women’s Ministries) for both territories will serve as members of the National Cabinet.

As outlined in the 1 May 2017 announcement, and as changes to the National Cabinet and leadership structure are implemented, there will be a shift from ‘business as usual’ to a ‘business in transition’. During this time of transition, there will be minimal changes in day-to-day operations initially, with some reporting line changes into the National Secretary positions.

A national territory will not simply be a merger of the two existing territories, but a chance to leverage the best of both territories and create something new.  Having these additional National Cabinet positions in place will allow the Army to continue to progress the decision making required as it designs and implements a National Operating Model.

Additional national appointments have also been announced including:

  • Director SAID (National Salvation Army International Development) -  Lieut-Colonel Simone Robertson (effective 1 July, 2017).
  • National Secretary for Government Relations - Lieut-Colonel Laurie Robertson
  • National Director for Multi-Cultural Ministries – Lieut-Colonel Xuyen (Samuel) Pho
  • Director of the School for Christian Studies (National College) -  Major Terry Grey (with promotion to lieut-colonel) (effective 1 August 2017)

In addition, the following territorial appointments will take effect (also from 1 August 2017)

In Victoria:

  • Victorian State Commander – Lieut-Colonel Bruce Stevens
  • Victorian Director of Women’s Ministries – Lieut-Colonel Debra Stevens.

The Victorian State Commander will work with the existing Victorian Divisional Commanders through the transition planning and phased implementation of the operating model (outlined in the 8 June Australia One update).

From 1 January 2018, the Victorian State Commander and Victorian Director of Women’s Ministries will transition to Victorian Divisional Commander and Victorian Divisional Director of Women’s Ministries roles.

With Lieut-Colonel Bruce Stevens’ change of appointment, Major Neil Venables will be assuming the role of National Secretary for Communications from 1 August 2017.

In the Western Australia Division:

  • Divisional Commander – Lieut-Colonel Chris Reid
  • Divisional Mission Resources Secretary & Divisional Spiritual Life Secretary – Major Stuart Reid

Pastoral Care Department (AUS):

  • Pastoral Care Officer – Major Lisa Venables (with promotion to the rank of lieut-colonel)

The announcement also included a change of title for the current Territorial Chief Secretaries-in-Charge, in line with the leadership transition approach (communicated as part of the 1 May and 29 May updates). From 1 August 2017 they will become Territorial Chief Secretary, supporting the National Chief Secretary to ensure national alignment of Salvation Army priorities.

In the coming months, the Territorial Secretaries for Program and for Business Administration (AUS and AUE) will be replaced by the National Cabinet Secretaries. The role of Territorial Secretary for Personnel in each territory will continue for 12 months, supporting the National Secretary for Personnel.

These appointments are:

  • Territorial Secretary for Personnel AUE – Lieut-Colonel Cheralynne Pethybridge (additional appointment)
  • Territorial Secretary for Personnel AUS – Colonel Karyn Rigley (additional appointment)

For more information or if you have any questions relating to these new appointments, please go to the Australia One website at

You can also email or

The latest Australia One news is also available in your monthly edition of Others magazine or online at

Read National Commander Floyd Tidd's latest blog.



  1. lindsay howell (Preston)
    lindsay howell (Preston)

    Who is to be the Secretary for Mission [Programme] for Southern Australia.

  2. That appears to be a very heavy cabinet, and still all based in Melbourne. I thought Canberra was the National capital?

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