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Salvation Army makes global impact

Salvation Army makes global impact

Salvation Army makes global impact

One of the many ways The Salvation Army is working to change lives around the world is through its anti-trafficking program in the countries highlighted above.

A snapshot of international statistics gives a glimpse of how The Salvation Army is changing lives around the world (statistics are for the year 2018):

  • The Salvation Army runs 30 general hospitals, which provided medical care to 241,708 in-patients and 624,688 out-patients. 

  • In many parts of the world, The Salvation Army helps people back into work. Our employment bureaus assisted 73,084 people.

  • The Salvation Army has 32,284 band members, 110,803 songsters and 106,966 involved in other music ministry. 

  • The average attendance at Bible Study groups is 184,000. 

  • Children and young people are of great 
importance to the Army. Globally, attendance at young people’s meetings was 13.5 million. 

  • The Salvation Army operates more than 1200 primary schools and 420 secondary/high schools, bringing an education 
to in excess of 360,000 students. 

  • More than one million people were helped 
through corps community programs. 

  • 11,518 new soldiers were enrolled around the world. 

  • There are 8888 corps across 131 countries. 

  • More than two million people made use
of Salvation Army community centres,
to find companionship, support or just a listening ear. 

  • The Salvation Army helped 14,602 people to overcome addictions/ substance dependencies. 

  • The Salvation Army’s commitment to the 
environment includes 40 recycling centres around the world – a 33 per cent increase on 2017. 

  • The Salvation Army’s work as an international church and charity is supported by 16,996 officers and 109,691 employees worldwide.
  • The Salvation Army rescued 12,268 survivors of human trafficking from their situations of abuse.
  • The Salvation Army visited more than 153,000 prisoners.
  • The Salvation Army helped more than 10 million people affected by disasters and emergencies.
  • The Salvation Army provide practical, emotional and spiritual support to 28,380 refugees and internally displaced people.

  • The Salvation Army employs 370 full-time doctors, 1095 nurses/midwives and 2884 other medical staff.
  • The Salvation Army and subsidiaries operate 2,984 thrift stores, providing low-cost clothing and other items while supporting the ministry of The Salvation Army.
  • The Salvation Army operates 13 driving schools.
  • The Salvation Army supported 98,644 women in Army mother and baby homes.
  • 67 Salvation Army officer training colleges/schools around trained just under 1,000 cadets  – up 9% on 2017.
  • The Salvation Army has been led by 21 Generals since being founded by William Booth in 1865. The present world leader is General Brian Peddle.
  • The Salvation Army’s most recent opening was in Samoa in last August, where the ministry includes support for individuals with drug/alcohol dependency.
  • In the 100 years since its inauguration, 276 individuals have been recognised with The Salvation Army’s highest honour – admission to the Order of the Founder.


These statistics and more can be viewed on The Salvation Army International Facebook page - the #octOHber series.



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