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National Strategy for the Australia Territory launched today

National Strategy for the Australia Territory launched today

National Strategy for the Australia Territory launched today

3 August 2018

The National Strategy for Australia One, launched today, will help The Salvation Army realise our national vision.

By Simone Worthing

“Achieving our National Vision requires a National Strategy,” said Commissioner Floyd Tidd, National Leader for The Salvation Army in Australia, at today’s broadcast launch of the National Strategy.

“Our National Strategy is the overarching framework for the next three years.  It is comprised of four pillars – Transform, Focus, Pioneer and Accountable and the 12 strategic imperatives that sit under them.

“Delivering on our National Strategy will help us to realise our vision – Whenever there is hardship or injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight to transform Australia, alongside others, one life at a time, with the love of Jesus.   

“Strategy is vision in action.”

Commissioner Tidd explained that, although there is only “one strategy”, it is supported by divisional and departmental mission plans and expressed in local mission expression plans. 

This means that there’s a lot of freedom within the national framework that will strengthen the Army’s ability to make a real difference in people’s lives.

“The National Strategy will provide a level of coordination so we can work together as a unified and vibrant movement, each of us understanding the role that we play as we live, love and fight alongside others,” he said. 

As part of the video launch, Salvation Army national leaders – Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, and Colonels Mark and Julie Campbell – each introduced one of the four pillars and interviewed a local Army expression about their work in that specific area.

We will transform


This pillar lays the foundation and priorities about what’s important to The Salvation Army and how the movement will be able to thrive into the future.

Three strategic imperatives sit within this pillar:

  • Deliver holistic mission - offering spiritual and social support to people and local communities
  • Strengthen the Army’s voice on National issues – positively influencing public policy
  • Make Disciples – helping people to live, love, fight with the love of Jesus.

Colonel Mark Campbell, National Chief Secretary, interviewed Anne Wilson, Manager of Brisbane’s Pindari, a mission expression that provides specialist accommodation and resident recovery services for men and women who are experiencing housing stress and homelessness.

Anne explained how the caring and encouraging staff and diverse programs of Pindari have worked to transform residents’ lives by helping them break the cycle of homelessness, overcome adversity, build connections in the community, and look after themselves.

“Pindari helps realise The Salvation Army’s vision because we don’t just offer a bed here, but we believe in living our mission and vision 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year,” said Anne.

“We walk alongside people with hope and encouragement and support them in their journey and support their choices. God is at work here and we join him in people’s life journeys and transformation.”

We will focus


This pillar is supported by three strategic imperatives:

  • Foster Christian spirituality – reflected through prayer, engagement with scripture and holy living
  • Focus our efforts - in areas that we can have the greatest missional impact
  • Build Leadership capabilities - so that our leaders have the skills and confidence to realise our vision and deliver our national strategy.

Commissioner Floyd Tidd interviewed Captains Stuart and Nari McGifford, Corps Officers at Alice Springs, about their ministry and how they operate with the freedom to be the hands and feet of Jesus where they’re at, and yet are closely connected to the framework of the wider Salvation Army movement.

“We are The Salvation Army here, and everything we do is connected and integrated,” said Captain Nari.

Captain Stuart explained that every action of every staff member should reflect the work of Christ and be love in action. “There are different challenges and needs here, but we respond with empathy and help people find the place where they can thrive,” he said.

We will pioneer


Commissioner Tracey Tidd, National President of Women’s Ministries, outlined the three strategic imperatives of this pillar:

  • Encourage innovation – look at new ways of doing things
  • Grow partnerships – establish the relationships that share our vision and help us to realise it
  • Create sustainable leadership – create opportunities for the next generation of Salvos.

From Salvos Stores in Abbotsford, Commissioner Tracey interviewed Lucas Ferrier, Salvos Stores e-commerce manager, about how The Salvation Army is pioneering in this field, and the impact it will have on mission.

“Nationally, we will have over 300 stores,” Lucas explained. “With online sales growing at seven times rate of traditional sales, we want to offer our customers the best possible online services and create the ‘magic’ that our shops around Australia have.”

“We have also partnered with EBay Australia, so can list our items for free, giving us access to 170 million buyers worldwide.”

Staff and volunteers are being trained in digital systems as Salvos Stores also looks to developing an online hub, sustainability workshops, and an online sales management platform

“As we develop world class systems and processes, this will strengthen our core purpose, enable us to further support The Salvation Army and extend our reach to the people that we serve,” said Lucas.

We will be accountable


Colonel Julie Campbell, National Secretary for Women's Ministries And Gender Equity Advocate, introduced this pillar and its strategic imperatives.

Being accountable is the way The Salvation Army will:

  • Renew Culture – to deliver on our vision, mission and strategy
  • Enhance measurement - so everyone knows what is expected of them and understands their role in realising our vision, and
  • Improve stewardship and sustainability – to ensure an efficient use of resources and grow our movement with a diverse funding base.

Colonel Julie interviewed Lieutenant Jacqueline Gluyas, Eastern Beaches (Sydney) Corps Officer on the renewal of culture, gender equity and stewardship and how that has been reflected during the Gluyas’ five years there.

“We wanted to create a place where everyone could belong, and this had to start with us,” said Lieut. Jacqueline. “We had to live that culture so it would trickle down to staff, volunteers and community members.”

Two ministry assistants – one male and one female – assist Lieutenants Jacqueline and Matt.

“They, like Matt and I, work together in shared ministry roles, with each working to their strengths,” Lieut Jacqueline explained.

“I would like to see this at every level in the Army – the best person in the job, regardless of whether they are male or female.

Vision in action


Commissioner Tracey concluded the launch video, explaining that realising the vision is our strategy – vision in action.

“We want to be living and breathing this vision and see and experience the difference that it makes to the people that we serve,” she said.

“This is a very exciting time for us as a movement.  We have made significant progress in our journey to unite our teams from across two strong territories into a unified national force.

“The National Strategy is key to achieving our National Vision.  Our National Strategy fully implemented will see a Salvation Army in Australia:

  • Aligned with our National Vision
  • Speaking with a united voice
  • Increased Innovation in support of the mission with:
  • Stronger partnerships
  • As better stewards of our resources
  • Making a greater impact".



Commissioner Tracey acknowledged that change can sometimes make people feel uneasy. 

“During these change moments, it’s important that we all work together and support each other ensuring, we are an Army that continues to be relevant, effective and efficient, and that can thrive into the future,” she said.

The Commissioner invited Salvos to keep the National Strategy conversation going and offered some possible discussion starters to guide those conversations as people reflect on the four pillars and imperatives:

  • What of each of these pillars is most significant to you and your context?
  • What do you anticipate will be different when we are on track in delivering the strategy seeing the Vision in Action – where you are? - And across Australia?
  • What do you anticipate implementing the National Strategy can mean for the work you do where you are?



Commissioner Tracey explained that key leaderswill soon gather to understand their role in helping front line mission expression leaders implement the national strategy in the form of local mission plans.

“In the meantime though, we would love to hear your feedback and answer any questions that you may have,” she said.

Questions and feedback can be emailed to


“We will collate the questions into a “Frequently Asked Questions” response for distribution and we will broadcast answers to everyone,” Commissioner Tracey said.

“We are grateful for you and your partnership in the Gospel – this good news that transforms lives.  Thank you for your ongoing engagement and commitment to see The Salvation Army accomplish its mission of sharing the love of Jesus as we care for people, create faith pathways, build healthy communities, and work for justice.”

The National Strategy video can be seen here.





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